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We Provide Attestation For: 

All original documents requiring attestation by the Ministry of External Affairs, Government of India are required to be first authenticated by the designated authorities of the State Governments from where the documents were issued. Educational documents are required to be authenticated by the Department of Education/Human Resource Development (HRD) of the concerned State Government/Union Territory.


The authentication must be done with the name and designation seal as well as the seal of the Department. Personal documents are required to be authenticated/attested by the Home Department / General Administration Department (GAD) of the issuing State. ( birth or death certificates, marriage or divorce certificates, affidavits, a general power of attorney, work experience certificates, driving licenses, etc).

Commercial Documents are to be pre-authenticated by the respective Chambers of Commerce before these can be attested by the Ministry of External Affairs, New Delhi. The rubber stamp of the respective Chamber of Commerce must be affixed on each document along with the name & designation of the authorised signatory. (memorandum of association, board resolution, certificate of incorporation)

Save your Valuable Time and Effort that you would spend on attesting your documents by different authorities and knowing different procedures involved for attesting documents depending on which country you require the authentication. Contact SFI Attestation Services for all your Attestation Needs and Relax while we do all the hard work and Deliver your Attested copies at the comfort of your home.

Education Certificates Attestation

The process of authenticating educational documents through verification is known as educational certificate attestation. When a person is travelling to foreign countries for higher education or employment, he/she has to do the process of educational certificate attestation. Attestation of degree certificate, diploma certificate, HSC certificate, SSLC certificate etc comes under the category of educational certificate attestation. These certificates are so important for building up career. Educational certificate attestation is mandatory to increase the credibility of the certificate for international purposes.


Different educational certificate attestation:


  • Diploma certificate attestation.

  • Degree certificate attestation.

  • HSC certificate attestation.

  • SSLC certificate attestation.


These certificates has very much importance in one persons academic uplifting. People tend to move to foreign countries for various purposes mainly education or employment, believing they will get better opportunities out there. It is true in fact when the accessibility of the certificates are improved. Opportunities come as how widely the certificate can be used.


Various purposes of educational certificate attestation:


  • For higher education.

  • For employment.

  • For migration.

  • To attain resident visa.


The important documents required are original certificate and passport copy. These documents undergo the verification procedure. It has to be first submitted to the concerned authorities to do the verification procedures. There are different procedures needed to be completed for the verification process of educational certificate attestation. These steps of attestation are important and mandatory.

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Steps for educational certificate attestation:


  • SDM (sub-divisional magistrate)/ HRD (human resource development).

  • MEA (ministry of external affairs).

  • Embassy attestation.

  • MOFA (ministry of foreign affairs).


The certificates will be sealed and signed by the concerned authorities. The quality of the document will increment through the procedure of educational certificate attestation. The process of attestation is actually an apparatus utilized for estimating the believability of the certificate. This seal or signature makes the documents legalized. The attestation procedure is controlled by the above mentioned authorities. By the increased accessibility of the certificate, the individual can acquire different career options. People need to get educational certificate attestation to do their international matters smoothly and quickly. If the documents of the immigrant are not legalized, there will be consequences in the future.

Destination countries want to ensure safety for their country from illegal documentation. So all the people travelling to foreign countries has to do the attestation procedure. It is mandatory that anyone irrespective of the purpose has to complete attestation of their documents. This helps the person who is travelling, to get more accessibility in the destination country. Educational certificate attestation mainly increases the value of the certificate. Attestation of documents plays an integral part in international dealings. Educational certificate attestation opens up tremendous ways of chances to the people. Educational certificate attestation is in a way, the identification of the academic qualification of a person and adding up more value to it. Educational certificate attestation is important to accomplish career objectives. The certificates become more true and reliable after attestation. Only genuine documents can undergo verification process. Educational certificate attestation is very much important for international communication.


Marriage Certificate

Marriage certificate is the official record that two people have undertaken a marriage ceremony. Marriage certificate is a license serves a dual purpose of granting permission for a marriage to take place and then recording the fact that it has done so. Attestation of the Marriage Certificate is required for getting a Family visa in the Middle East Countries like Saudi Arabia, UAE, Kuwait, Oman, Qatar and Bahrain. For example, if the marriage were held in India, then the marriage certificate would first have to be attested in India by the concerned State’s Home Department, followed by the Ministry of External Affairs, New Delhi. if the family visa is being applied for in Any gulf country the attested document from the MEA would be attested by the gulf country Embassy in New Delhi and finally by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

The procedure is the same for all the countries in the Middle East. It is mandatory to get the marriage certificate attested/apostilled, in case the couple wishes to live together in a foreign country as this attested document is proof of the marriage being legalized by the country of origin.


Birth Certificate

Birth certificate attestation is the process of attesting birth certificate for migrating to another country. It is necessary to prove the authenticity of the document to use abroad. Birth certificate attestation has to be issued from the country where you are born.

Birth certificate attestation is needed while you are applying for a visa to migrate to another country. It is a mandatory requirement to provide attested birth certificate if you are planning to take your kids along with you abroad. In many countries, it is mandatory to provide birth certificate for various purposes such as social security card, for admission in schools and universities, for identification etc.


Birth certificate attestation is a necessary requirement for your children to get admission in foreign schools and universities. You need to provide the attested birth certificate document for getting a family visa abroad. It is also required for employment and migration purposes. Birth certificate attestation is needed to verify your age and the place from where it was issued.


HRD Attestation

HRD attestation is a process done by the HRD department of the State. HRD attestation is a legalization process done to authenticate an educational document. HRD authentication center is available in the each state If the educational document needs to get attest from ministry of external affairs, then it should be first authenticate from that respective state HRD Department where university / Board / council is located from and from where the same document have issued. for people who travel abroad for Employment | Higher Studies | Permanent Residency

SFI ATTESTATION SERVICES is offering the services of HRD Attestation for Given Below States

  • Bangalore HRD Attestation

  • Andhra Pradesh Home department Attestation

  • Kerala home department Attestation

  • Tamil Nadu home department Attestation

  • Karnataka home department Attestation


PCC Attestation
(Police Clearance Certificate)

The Bangalore Issued PCC/Police Clearance Certificate could be attested or legalized from any SDM, Embassy Attestation, MEA Apostille (Ministry of External Affairs) Consulate of destination Country present in India.


Police Clearance Certificate (PCC) is provided to Indian Passport holders if they have Applied for Residential Visa Or Employment or long-term visa immigration. Persons migrating to a foreign country for Education Purpose, or Want to Bring His Family or wants to take a job in a foreign country MEA Apostille Is Required Document Issued From Government Of India .

PCC Certificate Attestation / Some Countries Require the translation copy of the attested or legalized PCC/Police Clearance Certificate issued in Bangalore in their own country's languages (France, Germany, China) some Country requires the fresh issued PCC/Police Clearance Certificate Attestation.

PCC/Police Clearance Certificate attestation will be Valid for six months from the date of issue to countries link Bahrain, Kuwait, Oman, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, United Arab Emirates, Germany, France, Italy, Spain,  and other countries in Africa, Australia, Europe, and the American continent.


Required Documents:

  1. Original PCC/Police Clearance Certificate.

  2. Clear Passport photocopy (1st, Page and Last Page of passport )


SFI Attestation Services provides the Best PCC (Police Clearance Certificate) Attestation Services in Bangalore, Our Team of Expert Consultants will guide you through the cumbersome and lengthy process of PCC attestation depending on the type of document, location and guide you with the process to get the certificates attested in the best possible way.


Police certificate is an official document issued by police or government agency of a country to enumerate any criminal records that the applicant may or may not have. Criminal records may include arrest, conviction, and possibly criminal proceedings. Police certificate is also known as good citizen certificate (in HK), good conduct certificate, police clearance certificate, or judicial record extracts.


Applicants may have to submit fingerprints and certain personal information to request a criminal record check, and the police or government agency may charge a fee. If no record found, the police certificate will indicate such.


It is mainly used for the following purposes:

  • To engage in business.

  • Obtaining entry visas for certain countries.

  • Migration to other countries.

  • Employer’s Request.

  • Joining the University.

  • Other similar purposes.