Birth Certificate Attestation Bangalore

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Birth certificate attestation is the process of attesting birth certificate for migrating to another country. It is necessary to prove the authenticity of the document to use abroad. Birth certificate attestation has to be issued from the country where you are born.

Birth certificate attestation is needed while you are applying for a visa to migrate to another country. It is a mandatory requirement to provide attested birth certificate if you are planning to take your kids along with you abroad. In many countries, it is mandatory to provide birth certificate for various purposes such as social security card, for admission in schools and universities, for identification etc.


Birth certificate attestation is a necessary requirement for your children to get admission in foreign schools and universities. You need to provide the attested birth certificate document for getting a family visa abroad. It is also required for employment and migration purposes. Birth certificate attestation is needed to verify your age and the place from where it was issued.

Birth certificate Apostille Bangalore

Evidence of Parentage to determine if a birth certificate is legitimate and readable, an Apostille must be attached. The Apostille is a legalization process recognized by the countries which are members of the Hague Convention. This new phrase was introduced as part of the 1961 Hague convention arrangement to overcome international documentation's legal hurdles. After an Apostille is added to your birth certificate, it will be valid in any country member of the Hague Convention. Minors under eighteen entering any country that is a signatory to the Hague Convention must have this endorsement.

A birth certificate is a person's primary personal document. Hence it must be validated before it may be used in jurisdictions other than the one that issued it. When Birth certificate Apostille, the embassy of the receiving country affixes an Apostille stamp on the reverse of the certificate. Most frequently, this statement is used by people to obtain their wants.

Apostille on a birth certificate is required for the following reasons:

  • An Apostille on the birth certificate is typically required for independent visa applications.

  • Similar to other educational goals, this one cannot be accomplished without it.

A minor's birth certificate must be verified before applying for entry into any Hague convention country, per the current immigration guidelines presented by the member nation. The endorsement will confirm all the vital details about the newborn and the paternity, as the birth certificate is the primary record of each and ensures the conditions of birth. To obtain an  Birth certificate Apostille, Apostille stamps are required. Without this Apostille stamp, we cannot finalize a single Apostille procedure. Commonly, a computer will be used to generate a square Apostille stamp. For the most part, a certified medical professional's signature is required before a formal birth endorsement can be issued.

A copy of the birth certificate must be Apostille to be valid in any of the countries that are part of the Hague Convention on the Apostille of Public Documents.

Apostille of a birth certificate requires the following essential documents:

  • Original copy of a birth certificate

  • Passport copy

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs is the only government agency authorized to issue Apostille (MEA). There are essentially two distinct Apostille types. Your time and money will be conserved if you pick the proper one. The embassy of the nation you are traveling to will not reject your documents if they have been adequately Apostille.

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