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MEA Attestation Bangalore

SFI Attestation and Apostille Services can provide MEA attestation services in Bangalore for various documents, including educational certificates, personal documents, and commercial documents. MEA attestation is the final step in the document legalization process, and it is required for documents to be recognized as valid in foreign countries.

The process for obtaining MEA attestation in Bangalore involves submitting the document to the regional authentication center (RAC) for verification, followed by submission to the MEA for attestation. SFI Attestation and Apostille Services can assist with both the RAC verification and MEA attestation processes, making it easier for individuals and businesses to obtain the necessary document legalization for international purposes.

Some of the documents that SFI Attestation and Apostille Services can provide MEA attestation services for in Bangalore include:

  • Educational certificates such as degrees, diplomas, and transcripts

  • Personal documents such as birth certificates, marriage certificates, and death certificates

  • Commercial documents such as power of attorney, trade licenses, and certificates of origin

SFI Attestation and Apostille Services can also provide expedited services for urgent document legalization needs.

The Ministry of External Affairs [MEA] attestation is essential for people who travel abroad for a job or higher studies. MEA document attestation is performed right after the certificate attestation from the respective state HRD (Human Resource Department). The Ministry of External Affairs does the document attestation for verification.

MEA attestation is one of the important procedures in document attestation. People who are planning to abroad for a job or higher studies need to submit certain documents for verification. The country that you are planning to needs to know the authenticity of the documents. So, the country will ask you to attest the documents from their embassy in your home country. Before embassy attestation, the state authorities and the Ministry of External Affairs have to verify the document. Only after that, the embassy attestation takes place. The Ministry of External Affairs will attest to the document verified by the respective state authorities. We at SFI Attestations will provide you with MEA Attestation at affordable rates.


MEA attestation is mandatory for people who are seeking admission or employment in foreign countries. As per the rules, one needs the provide necessary documents while applying for a job or admission to a university. MEA attestation in a document proves the authenticity of that document in foreign countries.


It is a mandatory phase in the Embassy attestation process. MEA attestation is needed for getting work permits, starting a new business or opening a new  branch of your business in a foreign  country. It is necessary for getting admission to foreign universities and schools. Other than that, MEA attestation is needed sponsoring the spouse, for getting a family/residence visa and for migrating and settling in abroad.

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