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PCC Apostille & Attestation

Updated: Dec 13, 2022

Police Clearance Certificate - PCC is needed when you apply for visa and it’s a part of obtaining visa. Facilitating this process is very important and must be done systematically. This type of documents attestation is a crucial when visiting a foreign country with respect to job or tourist. Many times the documents are in Tamil., this has to be english translated tamil and then the attestation has to be done.

pcc attestation bangalore

PCC or police clearance has the one of the items in your check list and should be kept as top priority when applying for visa. We make this process simpler by picking up the documents from your place and delivering it back after documents attestation. In case you will be personally needed we shall inform you about it and you can be available at the nearest notary public.

Many certificate attestation companies are providing this kind of services but SFI attestations Bangalore location are one of the oldest and most experienced companies that I could think of. They have helped many aspirants to move and relocate to foreign countries. The process is simple and easy. A few years ago agencies introduced pcc online due to the pandemic, but the system was not reliable and even after making the payment the documents failed to download, so I fell its better to bank on a physical agency rather than online pcc.

How long does pcc attestation take? Well the timeline depends on the service provider, some of them have some internal links with the department and get the work done sooner, usually its between 15 to 20 days. Planning this ahead of your travel is very important.

Just google SFI Attestations, you will get their contact numbers and office details., Hope they give you the same kind of service that I received.

PCC Certificate Attestation / Some Countries Require the translation copy of the attested or legalized PCC/Police Clearance Certificate issued in Bangalore in their own country's languages (France, Germany, China) some Country requires the fresh issued PCC/Police Clearance Certificate Attestation.

PCC/Police Clearance Certificate attestation will be Valid for six months from the date of issue to countries link Bahrain, Kuwait, Oman, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, United Arab Emirates, Germany, France, Italy, Spain, and other countries in Africa, Australia, Europe, and the American continent.

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