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WES Apostille - USA, Canada, Germany, Netherland, Spain

Updated: Oct 12, 2022

WES stands for World Education Services; we are an organization that evaluates international students and migrants who want to study or work in the United States, Canada, Germany, Netherland, Spain and The rest of the world. It is situated in Bangalore, Karnataka India.

What is WES Evaluation?

A person who is dreaming of going to Canada for a degree or job has to get the WES evaluation first, which is considered to be an important step. It is impossible for a person to immigrate to Canada without WES evaluation report. WES credential assessment compares a person’s education gained from home country to that of the education standards in Canada.

Working together throughout the process, we guide you from interview to placement and provide support before, during, and after the perfect match is made.

WES evaluation is done to provide value to your credentials in Canada. In this process, the education credentials gained from a person’s home country is compared with the education standards of Canada for equating the both.

WES Evaluation For Canada

You have to get a WES report to verify the authenticity of your credentials. In Canada, not only the academic institutions, but also all licensing bodies and immigration authorities accept this WES report. The main purpose of a WES report is to familiarize the employers and institutions in Canada with the education a person gained outside of Canada because they might not be familiar with foreign education credentials. It helps you to be qualified for the admission or the position you are applying for from your home country. After you apply for an immigration plan according to your requirements, you have to start the WES assessment process. You have to submit your verified documents, the Canada immigration process begins for Educational Credential Assessment (ECA) which will take up to 35 business days.

University Transcripts For WES Evaluation

For doing WES verification, a University transcript or WES transcript is a mandatory requirement. For the same, you are required to submit the documents verified from those respective universities. This transcript is required for the educational documents that are issued outside Canada.

The universities where you completed your education will verify your documents. Only duly authorized and recognized institutions can verify these documents to make the verification accepted by WES World Education Services Canada. Yearly mark sheets and consolidated transcripts are accepted from recognized institutions and universities only.

What We Do?

We provide professional assistance to students and job seekers to get degree certificate verification from the authorized universities and institutions in India. You will get help with the WES credential evaluation service for immigration to Canada. You will also get trustworthy quality assistance to complete the transcript evaluation process from the schools or universities where you got your education. We will help you do the degree certification verification process from universities all over India.

What are the Documents Required for WES?

1. First of all, we will need an authorization from the applicant 2. We will then require WES form with the WES reference number 3. We will need a copy of the consolidated mark sheets and the degree certificate 4. Then the Fee receipt with Challan No. Is needed. 5. Then we will need the application form for the transcript 6. Then an application form requesting WES verification of mark sheets and degree certificate 7. Lastly, we would require the original SSLC and Plus Two Certificate.

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